In this beautifully broken world,

      the way things ought to be,

are not the way things are.

      Let's change that.


Who I am

I see the Lord when the veil is torn,

I see the Lord in the Eye of the Storm,

I see the Lord in all of Humanity,

And, I see the Lord in all of Calamity,

I see the Lord in the waves at sea,

I see the Lord in what ought to be,

Yes, I see The Lord in all that is,

A world Beautifully Broken,

In need of His,

Greatest Resource,

Indeed the crux,

I see a world,

In  need,

Of Us.

Hi there! Welcome to my new site, I'm excited to share this journey with you.

My name is Hamilton Howard, 25 years old from the Great State of Texas in God Blessed America.

During a backpackers tour of S.E. Asia in the summer of 2019, I happened upon a community of slums in Manila, Philippines. What I witnessed in these slums I am convinced are some of the most inhumane living conditions on this planet. Rather than just witness the poverty, hand out some candy, and take a few pictures for my Instagram, I decided to stay, buy a camera, film their stories and attempt to change their lives for the better. You can see this all on my documentary, 'HappyLand', releasing on December 22nd, 2019 at 7pm. on YouTube.

After 25 years of a privileged life in the States, and travels around this globe, I have found that the only thing this world can agree on, is that something is wrong with it. I cannot and will not sit still while so many suffer in this beautifully broken world. Each life on this earth is of great value, each created in the image of the Most High. And with the vast majority of the 7+ billion on this planet living in conditions below the poverty line, how can I not use this vessel?

This is not me "doing good deeds" or "giving back", I don't believe in those. I believe in being human, and fulfilling literally the only reason we are on this earth, to love. This is me

being homies with the homeless, helping the helpless, and pursuing hope for the hopeless.

Please consider joining this vessel.

 To learn about my story, passions, and how I got here, click below:

Casting Vision

'To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required'

                               - Jesus

Whenever I get into a conversation with a friend or a stranger on the depravity of man, I hear some of the most interesting and intriguing replies. One common one goes like this, "You know, that's awesome what you're doing Hami, but those people you are trying to help they don't know any better." This one is interesting. Because by suggesting that the poor do not know any better, he is by definition admitting that he does know better otherwise he wouldn't know what better is. Obviously I have a very different perspective, I believe that we do know better, I don't think it is pertinent at all to the matter whether or not the victim does. We as Americans, or better yet as humans, are in an incredibly strong position to change the scene here in Manila. It honestly won't take much. The USD is so strong here. We are filthy rich here, but like the flower of the grass the rich man will soon fade away in the midst of his pursuits.

I have a holistic vision. I plan to be a vessel of change, the hands and feet of the church, a catalyst to 'stand in the gap'  for those who cannot leave their jobs and/or families for months at a time. My system here at HIM is structured, streamlined, and simple:

1 ) Find the most vulnerable lives in the world.

2 ) Interview them, hear their biggest needs, put it on my social media platforms.

3 ) You see it, are moved to help, ‘purchase’ a specific need and note a specific life on my website.

4 ) I receive the donation, go to the local store, buy it and/or build it, give it to the specific life you noted.

5 ) Film it all, post it, tag you, you see their smiles and exactly what 100% of your gift accomplished.

6 ) Do it again.


To learn about my short and long-term visions, for Hamilton Intl. Mission please press below:


I am here in the Bahamas two weeks after
They say photos can tell a story. I've a



Providing Immediate Micro-Needs to extreme poverty. 


Rebuilding roofs, restoring lives,

getting it done.


Join in and let's see what 2020 holds.

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