Rebuilding roofs, restoring lives.

This project is so tangible. Just 50 miles east of Florida, The Islands that have been decimated by the storm are in desperate need of help. The harvest here is pouring over plenty, and the laborers here are ten-fold, yet the material here is no where to be found. We need material, we need to ship it, and we need to help get the economy here turning again by providing some labor stipends as well. This all takes monies, and lots of it.


Hurricane Dorian took everything in it's path, stealing thousands and thousands of lives in its wake. The homes here are in need of a lot of help. The people here are in need of you.

Please use the PayPal link below to donate to my partner 501c3 Non-Profit for disaster relief called: OpenWorld Relief. Please make sure to mention 'Hamilton' in the notes and it will go into my account.

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