Thank you for visiting my donations page! We are just getting started in this humanitarian space. I am currently finishing the long process of starting my own 501(c)(3) non-profit so that I can accept tax-deductible donations, however, that will not be ready until January 2020.

So until this is ready, please use the GOFUNDME links (or venmo) below!

My goal is to be the most transparent donation platform ever. So I have created several GOFUNDME's for each specific item you would like to sponsor for families in HappyLand. I will be in Manila, living in HappyLand starting February 2020 just GETTING. IT. DONE. Using your sponsorships I plan to build my first all-plastic shack outside of the slums, I am hoping this will be the solution for long-term sustainability, just getting the families out of this cycle. I also will be buying a tool called 'Taho'. Jefferson has informed me that they can use this tool to earn a sustainable income everyday to feed their families. This tool cost less than $300 and will jumpstart these families into a sustainable future. My system is streamlined, and simple. If you would like to sponsor a mattress pad for a family, then donate the price of a mattress pad, put your IG tag in the notes, and I will literally go spend 100% of your generous gift on a mattress, give it to a family in need, film it all and tag you on IG so you can see the smiles your gifts bring. Absolutely 0% of these funds are for me, 100% of your gift will be liquidated into a life here. If you wish to make a large donation for tax-deductions, please email me and we can set up a plan to wait for my Non-Profit to be ready, we're getting close. Challenge yourself to give more, I promise, your strong USD will literally transform lives here through this vessel. As a wise man named Jesus once said,

"To whom much is given, much is required".

#nomopagpag shirts are for sale below!!!!!!!! 

Also, for those with Venmo, please consider using this until my non-profit is ready as there are no fees for either of us:

Venmo: Hamilton-Howard

Food $20 daily per family

Fan $20 per fan

100% Plastic House Community

Mattress $20 per pad

Jefferson / Church feedings

Dr. Elmer

General HappyLand

Please please please make sure you write exactly what person you want your dollar to help and how so, in the notes of each GOFUNDME link. I believe and am convinced of the fact, that if I show you what I am doing with your gifts and you see the lives you are changing and their smiles, you will be so excited to give more. I know I would be. Together, in partnership with the incredibly strong USD, we can do amazing things. I am convinced of this, there is no limit. 

Again, I want to thank you for your generous donations. Please make sure and share what you and I are doing on your social media, and please make sure you include your contact info/social media handles so I can tag you to show you the smiles your donation brought to a life in need. My goal is not to become a big platform, yet to stay small so it will be just me and a small team, making it happen in this beautifully broken world, all the while proving to the donor that it is working. I am not doing any of this for personal or social gain. I have simply realized that at the age of 25 I am in a very unique spot in life where I can leave for months and years at a time, add that together with my passion for the broken lives of this world, and I am a vessel, a strong one, that can get things done in this world. Please join this vessel. 


For donations to the Bahamas please use the PAYPAL link below, partner 501c3 for disaster relief: OpenWorld Relief

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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