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"a Roof for a Roof" 

If you know me, you know I love working for myself and earning my own money way too much to stop, so in lue of this endeavor, I created my own company. HCAT will be my for-profit business funding my travels for HIM.

Rather than owning my own roofing company where I would have to worry about permits, marketing, and WARRANTIES, oh Lord not warranties, on top of having to be in one place permanently and wait for a good hail storm to boost sales... I decided to start HCAT as strictly a sales force for local roofing contractors across the country, because EVERYONE wants to go local, and I don't blame them. The game-plan is to be in the States during hail seasons, wait for a big hail storm, drive to the impact zone, walk into the best local contractor in the area, learn their story and process, and start knocking doors. Yes, I am a storm-chaser. Roofing is a massive industry I have found myself in. Me and my team will be 100% commission for any contractor that partners with HCAT to help them take advantage of a storm that will boost revenue very quickly. My goal is to sell 20+ roofs a year, which these commissions will go straight into putting roofs on in the Bahamas, where the needs are plenty.

If you or someone you know are ever affected by a hail storm, or storm of any kind, or if you just are in need of a new roof, please give me a call. I can essentially sell for any contractor in the entire country at this point, and my commissions will be doing a whole lot of good for this beautifully broken world. I only partner with contractors who I know will do a good job. We will be selling directly through insurance proceeds, so no money, other  than your deductible and/or upgrades, will ever be out of your own pocket. Please contact me below if you would like to partner, sponsor, or consider.

Thank you to all of my partners as of November 2019, we are just getting started:

HailKing Pros, Dallas, Texas

Can-Am Roofing, Orlando, Florida

Exceptional Exteriors, Denver, Colorado

Hamilton Catastrophe Services, LLC

"a roof for a roof"