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How'd I get here

Dear Friends,

First of all, Thank You. Honestly, I would not be in the position I find myself in today if it wasn’t for the endless love and support I’ve received over these 25 years. As you may know, my life has recently taken an inevitable turn. Much of which is on my social media, but if you can, please give me this 5 min. hearing. As we are just getting started..

This past summer, while backpacking S.E. Asia, I made a friend named Niels. Niels quickly engaged my biblical worldview while conversating on life’s purpose, the Problem of Evil and so on. As we parted ways, I told Niels to continue to research these questions, saying ‘I firmly believe that this question on our eternal destiny is not only the most important question we could ever ask ourselves, but is the very thought where we should spend our time, energy, and effort..’ Niels’s response was strong, saying ‘See, that’s where we disagree. Eternity is in the future, how could I use energy on my future while this present world is suffering. I will spend my time changing this world for the better now, rather than guessing on where I will go next.’ Although I still disagree slightly, I think Niels is onto something. I believe that we as the church, better yet we as Americans, and heirs of the strongest asset on Earth, the USD, are far too lackadaisical on the global humanitarian crisis.

Soon thereafter, I stumbled upon a community of slums in Manila, Philippines. What I witnessed in these slums called, HappyLand, translated City Dump, I am convinced are some of the most inhumane living conditions on this planet. Within the most densely populated area on earth, these slums are home to 75,000+ Filipinos. I found children by the masses, from ages as low as six, sleeping on the streets, under cardboard boxes, under cars. I saw these kids scavenging through the trash of the local fast food joints, digging for ‘Pag-Pag’, which is trashed fully-eaten chicken bone. So I decided to plant myself here, buy a camera, and film their stories. Families of 6, 8, 10 children living in a 5x5ft concrete cell, who cannot care for their infants, sleep on cardboard, eat out of trash, and live like dogs. You can watch this all on my documentary: HappyLand, premiering on Dec. 22nd @ 7:00pm.

One week later, I found myself in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands. I did the same thing here; found a need and filled it. With help from my Bahamian friends and sponsors in the states, we’ve delivered tons of aid, repaired roofs, and turned the economy. These people are structurally ruined, yet spiritually resilient.

Finally, when asked why he named his ministry after himself, my friend Ravi Zacharias, founder of RZIM responded, and I paraphrase, ‘My greatest fear in life is losing my passion for ministry. Naming RZIM after myself not only engages me with my audience, but cements me to it. I cannot leave this ministry lest I lose my name in the process.’ So with the same mindset, here I am, stepping into this humanitarian space, creating Hamilton Intl. Mission, HIM, because at the end of the day, it’s all about Him. Jesus was far more than a prophet, a good teacher, or a holy man. Jesus was a giver, an advocate, a humanitarian. This is why we give, to reflect the spirit of generosity that dwelt within Him. My vision and ideas for this effort far exceed myself. I’ve begun the long process of starting a 501(c)(3), and will continue to earn my own income during hail seasons through my LLC, which will fund my efforts and travels for these missions. This way I can truthfully tell you, as a potential partner, that 100% of any gifts will go directly into the life you want to invest in, all through my vessel. My system is structured, streamlined, simple:

1 ) Find the most vulnerable lives in the world, interview them, hear their biggest needs, post it on social media.

2 ) You see it, are moved to help, and sponsor a specific need for a specific life on my website.

3 ) I receive the donation, go to the local store, buy and/or build said need, and give it to the specific life you noted.

4 ) Film it all, post it, tag you, you see their smiles and exactly what 100% of your gift accomplished.

5 ) Do It Again.

Only the Good Lord knows where this train is going. I am humbled and ready to be a vessel of advocacy and change in this beautifully broken world. My goal is to be the most transparent donation platform out there, staying small, so it is always me, a face you know and trust, acting as a vessel. I will be seeking the homeless, helping the helpless, and pursuing hope for the hopeless, all the while ‘standing in the gap’ for those who cannot leave their jobs or family for months at a time. Even now, as I write this letter in my tent here in the Bahamas, surrounded by activists from every worldview, I can’t help but see, that the only thing this world can agree on, is that something is wrong with it.

Yes, what ought to be, is not what is. Let’s change that.

I see the Lord when the veil is torn,

I see the Lord in the Eye of the Storm,

I see the Lord in all of Humanity,

And, I see the Lord in all of Calamity,

I see the Lord in the waves at sea,

I see the Lord in what ought to be,

Yes, I see The Lord in all that is,

A world Beautifully Broken,

In need of His,

Greatest Resource,

Indeed the crux,

I see a world,

In need,

Of Us.

Thank you for giving me a hearing. Let’s keep it movin’.

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