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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Whenever I get into a conversation with a friend or a stranger on the depravity of man, I hear some of the most interesting and intriguing replies. One common one goes like this, "You know, that's awesome what you're doing Hami, but those people you are trying to help (the ones that sleep on concrete and eat out of trash), they don't know any better." ..... Riiiiggghht... so let me get this straight, by you saying they don't know any better, you are admitting that we do know better, therefore we should not help them. Got it.

And I believe this to be true. We do know better, I don't think it is pertinent at all to the matter whether or not the victim does. We as Americans, or better yet as humans, are in an incredibly strong position to change the scene here in Manila. It honestly won't take much. The USD is so strong here. We are filthy rich here, but like the flower of the grass the rich man will soon fade away in the midst of his pursuits.

So here's a look into my mind:

I plan to be doing this for the long haul. This is not me just seeing poverty and wanting to do something about it. This is me seeing EXTREME poverty, wanting to do something about it, planning a concise, sustainable, and realistic vision on how I could actually change these lives. And if you know me, you know that is very rare for me to plan things!

I have created a platform in which I will implement on my trip back to Manila.

1) I will interview families as much as physically possible.

2) I will find the most vulnerable and desperate lives in the community. (BabyMae)

3) I will hear their biggest needs. (Mattress) Film it all, put it all on my social media. IG/FB.

4) You see the it, are moved to help, and go to website to donate, and note who you want it to go to. Let's say a mattress for Baby Mae.

5) I receive the donation, and who you want it to go to. (Mattress/BabyMae)

6) I literally go to the ATM, liquidate your cash.

7) I go to the local stores in the community, so that the economy turns from within, buy it.

8) Go to the families slum you noted, (BabyMae), give them the mattress, tell them it was from you, they say thank you to you and are probably playing trampoline on the mattress at this point.

9) I film it all, tag you on IG/FB, you see their smiles and exactly what 100% of your gift accomplished.

10) We do it again.

I cannot think of another donation platform that does this. Literally just one person, one face, one kid really, using 100% of your dollar to just make things happen all over the world. As I get older I will stay just as young, and we will continue to master this system. But I know what you are asking; what about long-term sustainability?

I will figure this out more as I go on, and plan to nail down a plan of longevity while I am there during this visit in early 2020. But for now, my idea is centered around plastic. Manila is the single-use plastic capital of the world, while being the most densely populated city in the world, and Happyland is the city dump... you get the picture.. ITS BAD. So my goal during this trip in early 2020 will be to build my first plastic shack outside of the slums and see how it goes. I have contacted a group in Manila that makes plastic houses, like brick and mortar house, The bricks are bottles stuffed in plastic, and the mortar is plastic and sand melted together. Then all you use is some 2x4's for the rafters and tin for the roof and you have yourself a nice shack. I am very excited about this endeavor, and confident it will work.

We shall see. If we could start getting some of these families out of the disaster zone, out of Manila, and provide them a sustainable way to survive in full everyday, we will making massive steps forward. I think this is very plausible. Please follow me through my journey in early 2020 and we will find out together.

But also, even if I didn't have long-term sustainable plans, which I do, does that mean we are given the ticket to be lackadaisical about their condition? A condition where a family of 10 are sleeping on concrete and eating out of trash? I don't think so. It is completely un-parallel to the main issue, the fact that their conditions are wrong. Just work with me on this one guys.

There is also a tool called: Tahoe. Jefferson has been telling me about when we meet on FaceTime once a week. He says if we could get this tool into the hands of these fathers, they can start having a sustainable income everyday.

Overall, my goal is #nomopagpag . That is the main concern. To support the church there, and provide a sustainable way for these people to stop eating trash. This is SO EASILY OBTAINABLE its not even funny. We can easily do this, I'm telling you, just give me a following on IG and some steam and we can make it to where these kids are never eating pag pag again.

If you have any insight or ideas please don't hesitate to contact me. Also, I will be trying to take just a ridiculous amount of shoes and boots over there in this next trip in Jan/Feb - April 2020. So please contact me about that.

Also, this mission is not just about HappyLand. My vision is further than that, because if you know me, I can't stay in one spot!! I am also in the Bahamas doing Hurricane Relief, but overall, my goal is to start doing these documentaries all over the world. Moving forward I would like to spend 2-3 months in Manila a year, then adopt another 2-3 projects and spend 2-3 months a year those places as well. Basically my goal is to be getting good stuff done all over the world 9 months a year, then be in the states for hail season and sell some roofs to fund my efforts and travels for these missions.

I plan to be your hands and feet, I plan to stand in the gap, I plan to be a vessel for you. I am not doing this for any social gain, I am doing this because I have realized I am in an incredibly unique position in life to be a catalyst for change.

I am single, with absolutely 0 desire to mingle, I am young, and dumb, I am not and have never been afraid of what is or is not 'safe', I'm up for the task ahead, I am cheap, I'm smart with my and donors monies, I can find ridiculously cheap flights, I travel well, I don't need anyone physically with me, I know people, I find it really easy to get to know more people, I have come to realize that the only point to life is changing others, at 25 I have already done the making money thing, I have my own resources to fund my travels, I can honestly say 100% of your dollar goes to lives in need, I don't have a family to attend to, I have literally no responsibilities, I have a strong knack for just 'getting (sh)it done', I don't get tired, I am able to speak publicly on this issue of poverty, I am getting better in front of the camera, I have a voice, I have a face, I can make videos and can tell a story or two, and most importantly I have a savior who fills my cup.

I did not realize this was the case until a good friend of mine called me, while I was in the Bahamas making things happen, and said "You know what Hami, I thought about this earlier, you are LITERALLY the only human being that could do what your doing right now, you are..." and continued to say the qualities above.

Thank you guys so much for your continued interest in this mission. Together, partnered with the strong USD, we can do amazing things. I am convinced of this.


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