• Hamilton Howard

My Worldview 3.0

Changing anything, changes everything, and everyone. Take it back to the very beginning. Cain and Abel, what an evil act that was right? What is God did not allow Cain to kill Abel? What if he ‘stopped him from pulling the trigger’ as we so often phrase that question in these days. There were 6 generations from Cain to Noah, whom, according to the text, lived during the generation of Abraham, whom according to Matthew 1 was the origin of 42 generations that culminated in Jesus Christ. By undisputed historical accounts, with authentic testimony incomparable to any other literature piece in history, but again, that is subject matter for a later time, there has been 2000+ years since Jesus lived, giving us reason to suggest 75-100 generations from Jesus to you, depending on if your ancestors grew up in the north or went to Baylor where everyone and their dog seems to be in a rush to be married by their senior year of college, but yet again, that is subject matter.. I digress. That is, might I say, at the very least 150 generations from Cain to you and me.

Put it this way…

- 1 Generation ago you have 2 parents.

- 2 Generations ago you have 4 grandparents

- Just 56 generations ago you have 16,000,000,000,000,000 ancestors before you.

- That is that many circumstances in which God could have ‘stopped them from pulling the trigger’ in any sense of the phrase. The opportunities are literally endless. The amount of things that could have gone differently, the amount of evils that must have existed in the procreation history of our lives is insurmountable. The most intellectual thinker cannot even begin to fathom the pain and suffering that must have been so prominent in the lives of our ancestors to come to where we are today, a very specific, intrinsic, and very distinct people group that is today, and will be tomorrow.

Perhaps in part, not in full, but in part, because God desired to create a specific community of individuals, and allowing the sufferings of this world to occur, would have produced this very specific species.

Could God have wronged us by creating us in this world where he has offered us eternal life through his son, than having created us in this other assumed world with much less suffering?

Parents choose to bring a child into the world who will undoubtedly experience major suffering, and will eventually die. Now normally, when you do something that will inevitable bring death to another person, that is morally wrong, unless you are a doctor prescribing medicine to ween a cancer patient towards an easy death, why then do we suggest that procreating a child to an inevitable death is morally okay, even a loving and courageous act? Because the child that comes to exist would not have existed otherwise.

God bestowed on us the greatest good of life itself.

If someone is to think that it is in principle wrong to create people in a world where the very serious possibly of suffering and ultimate death exists, then they will have to call not only God evil, but their parents and most likely themselves evil as well.

If there is good reason to think that human procreation can be an act of love, then there is also good reason to think that Gods creation can be an act of love.

Love requires sacrifice.

We worship a God who was willing to come and suffer beside us. He could not bear to watch. "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death."

The loving parent is not the one who never allows suffering in his child’s life, the loving parent is the one who is willing to suffer along-side his child. Right?


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