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Please use the above GOFUNDME link to donate to this cause. I am using this platform until my 501c3 Non-Profit is ready!!


Please see my video on here and on my IG stories "Happiland" to see what exactly the church looks like. I could write for days on my opinions of the American Church and the Church I found in these slums. What a dichotomy. Jefferson is the youth pastor of this church, the guy behind the camera in my documentary. This church feeds an insane amount of children every day and every week. I will have to get the exact numbers for you. But they are well below the red in their finances because of all the money they are spending on food. All of the church members and faculty live in the slums and sleep on the concrete and poop in a plastic bag. What do our churches do!?!?! Phew, I better stop writing and save this for another documentary. 

( coming soon to a theatre near you ;) )


This donation will go straight into the churches pocket. I don't know exactly how to get you to trust the church. But if you are willing to trust me, then I think you can, because I have never in my life seen a group of people so empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring change on their people. Jefferson and the rest of the faculty are determined to make their community a better place. They need your help!


Please write in the notes when you are purchasing this item any specifics on the life you want this to go to. If you saw a family on my social media you want to give to, please refer them and I will make sure this purchase goes where you want it. Please include your social media in the notes as well so I can tag you in order for you to see where your donations are going! If you do not have social media, please include you email, or phone, or garage door code. (jk). 


Also, please include your address to receive thank you notes from either myself, the family you donated to, or both.


Again, thank you so much for your generous gifts! You will soon see the fruits of our labor. Please consider sharing this website and opportunity to anyone and everyone. Together we can do so much more.


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Manila - Church

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