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Please watch my video where I brought Leah and her family a new mattress. They literally had never seen one before, pure happiness for a family of 7 who finally get to sleep on something a little more comforatable than a cardboard box.)


This is not just a situation for a few families. This is every family in this entire slum of 15,000 families, each sleeping 5+ kids on a few cardboard boxes. I am so excited to share this opportunity with you in giving a family in need a mattress. Please consider sponsoring multiple mattress, or fans, or meals, or whatever you want to give, I will make it happen. Please click the GOFUNDME link on this page to donate. I am using this platform until my 501c3 is ready!


Please write in the notes when you are purchasing this item any specifics on the life you want this to go to. If you saw a family on my social media you want to give to, please refer them and I will make sure this purchase goes where you want it. Please include your social media in the notes as well so I can tag you in order for you to see where your donations are going! If you do not have social media, please include you email, or phone, or garage door code. (jk). 


Also, please include your address to receive thank you notes from either myself, the family you donated to, or both.


Again, thank you so much for your generous gifts! You will soon see the fruits of our labor. Please consider sharing this website and opportunity to anyone and everyone. Together we can do so much more.


"True fulfillment comes not from filling."

- Hamilton International

Manila - Mattress

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